INTERNATIONAL STUDENT CARE ORGANIZATION (ISCO) is an International N.G.O with huge reputation across the globe. It is  a registered Honorary member of both EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION for SCIENCE & EDUCATION(EASE) in Berlin(Germany) and AFRICAN ASSOCIATION for SCIENCE & EDUCATION(AASE) in Hargeisa(Somaliland). ISCO was  founded in January, 18 2004. It’s aims and objectives are inline with the UN Convention on the rights of the child of which Ghana is the first signatory to it . ISCO will serve as a registered non-profit making Christian Organization in Ghana,that applies the principles and the fear of God to offer better life for students worldwide.

We believe in this scripture “Let no one seek his own good but the good of others”.(1 Cor.10:24/33).Although, a very credible Christian N.G.O, we have assisted many students from other religions as well in realizing their dreams. This is because we do not discriminate against any form of religion, we wish to announce to the general public that our doors are open to every student irrespective of their religious background.

We believe that “if you care for a student you care for an entire nation and if you refuse to show care to students you may destroy an entire nation, since students are yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s leaders”. Hence, they are a laudable assert to be kept by every Nation.


ISCO is a registered and an honorary member of both EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION for SCIENCE & EDUCATION(EASE)and AFRICAN ASSOCIATION for SCIENCE & EDUCATION(AASE).We are the only organization in Ghana which forms part of this prestigious association whose headquarters is in Berlin(Germany) and Hargeisa(Somaliland) respectively .We also work directly with the International Network of Studies and Education(INSE) also in Berlin,Germany and the Ukraine Ministry of Education and Science as well as the Ukrainian State Centre of International Education of Ukraine.

At present ISCO cooperates with over 200 higher education and research institutions abroad including universities from Australia, Canada, Ukraine, Switzerland, Denmark,Norway,Sweden, Scotland, Germany, China, Malaysia, Finland, Russia, U.S.A,Poland,Czech-Republic,Cyprus,Japan, U.K and Trinidad.


We are commited to our motto “We care for students Worldwide“. This is in line with the scripture (1Cor.12:25b).


We are commited to establishing ourselves as a Student N.G.O to assist students by providing total quality service in all areas of our operations and to help them achieve their dreams.We believe in the saying that ”if one is educated and his education cannot help someone then, one is uneducated“.


To improve the quality and welfare of students through increased public awareness, knowledge and capacity to develop their potentials in accordance with their rights and the creation of an environment that provide opportunities, support, freedom and protection for the complete spiritual, physical, mental and social development of students through this program.


  • As a non-profit registered Christian Organization, under the guidance of the International Student Code of Ethics and other Sister Organizations.
  • ISCO is opened to collaborations with any individual or agency or organizations concern with students welfare.
  • ISCO has developed non-discriminative,participatory and innovative programs serving the best interest of all students.
  • Equality and interdependence of members.
  • Collective self-reliance.
  • Maintenance of peace and security of members.
  • Respect,promote and protection of members.
  • Peaceful settlement of disputes.


ISCO is vision born to provide resource materials;such as books,tapes(audio and video),by matured men and women of God,to both the reached and unreached students and youth that will offer them the crystal-clear,life-giving and power-endowing word of God,and to make available teachings and research materials to students and youth workers by equipping them for effective life or living.As a result we forsee the city of Tema and for that matter Ghana filled with the glory and knowledge of God in Jesus Christ as the waters cover the sea.


As a result of our stated goals and mission,our aims and objectives we wish to carry are as follows:

  • To help and assist students in study and work placement in Ghana and Abroad.
  • Raise the standard of Christian students by challenging them to study hard,life-transforming and informative,knowledge among the youth in Ghana which was but no longer a part of the formal education curriculum as was the case sometime ago.
  • Creat a sound and serious atmosphere for effective reading,counselling and training for the youths and students.
  • Satisfy and quench the existing hunger and thirst of students for reading in Ghana.
  • Promote a balanced growth and proof-producing students and youths.
  • Help the body of Christ in the area of youth training and equipping of the youth workers for effective student performance.
  • “For lack of knowledge my people are destroyed”,we have a mission of at least reducing the huge figures of students perishing due to unexisting facilities.
  • To organise educational study tour for children,youths and adults as well as preparatory courses,registration and coaching for international University entrance exams such as O’level,A’level,SAT,ACT,TOEFL,GRE,GMATT and so on.
  • To contribute to human resource development of African by providing students with opportunities for excellent international education.
  • To help students in researching Universities worldwide and providing support throughout the whole application process as well as predepature formalities and visa application support.
  • We will as a result encourage a more useful ministry of helps by identifying these: (1).They are stewards of whatever they possess example;Talent (2).They could use all they have to bless others (i.e capable).


“And the Lord answered me and said, write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, in order that anyone reading aloud from it may do so fluently “[Habakkuk 2:2]

  • ISCO as a non-profit making, independent advisory body for students and health personnels.
  • We provide help and consultancy services for students and would like to help hundreds achieve their ambitions in life.
  • To build students into a strong,quality and forward-looking citizens towards a prosperous and independent society.
  • To educate and raise the level of awareness concerning matters relating to students.
  • To help and assist needy students and the less fortunate ones.
  • To work towards a society where young women and men are empowered to develop their potentials, creative skills as productive and dynamic members of society.
  • Training students to carry out social projects.
  • To provide Ghana with over 3,000 internationally trained graduates by the year 2030 to support all sectors of the economy.


Our major operational fields includes the following;

  • A home base,central library
  • Decentralized mobile lending resource
  • Training and education unit
  • Career guidance and self assessment unit
  • Expansion and enlarging the vision
  • Caring for needy students