Please these are some few questions often asked by prospective students who wish to study abroad. If you have a different question, need or any more information or answers to any of these questions please contact us by email through our official or you can call us on: +233277671438/ + 233285038186  


Q1.What is the medium of instruction in the countries you deal with? 

Q2.Do I need to qualify in any English test like IELTS or TOEFL for seeking admission into Universities abroad?


Q3.Where can I get more information about English Language courses and how to apply?


Q4. Where can I get information about programmes/courses, or request a prospectus?

 Q5.How do I apply for any undergraduate (Bachelors) degree programmes/courses?


Q6.Where can I apply to do medicine directly?

 Q7.How do I apply for a Postgraduate (Masters / Diploma) course?
 Q8.Is there an application deadline?


Q9.Are the schools you provide offer International degrees valued globally?


Q10.Are the universities you deal with recognized and accredited?


Q11.What are the ranking of some of the universities you place students?


Q12.What is the study methodology of these universities?


Q13.How long does it take to complete a degree/masters/PHD?


Q14.What motivates a student to study abroad?

 Q15.Can I transfer credit and start in the 2nd or 3rd year of a Bachelors degree level?
 Q16.How do I apply for a PhD or Research programme/courses?


Q17.Can we apply for the Work Permit after completion of the program?

 Q18.Can I study part-time while working?


Q19.Can I work while I am a student in Eastern Europe?


Q20.Does the students have to come back to his/her home country to apply?

 Q21.What are the requirements for the MBA?
 Q22.What are the basic qualifications do I need to study as international student?
 Q23.Where can I do preparatory programme/courses in case my grades are not good?
 Q24.How can I apply for a scholarship?
Q25.Do the universities provide hostels for International Students? 

Q26.How is the accommodation arrangement and what are the charges?

 Q27.What is the estimated cost of living in studying abroad as an International Student?
 Q28.What are the tuition fees and how do I pay?


Q29.Can I pay the tuition fee in installments?

 Q30.Do I need to pay a deposit before starting my course?


Q31.Do I need to pay the books and exam fee separately or is it included in the fee?


Q32.Any other facility like pick up, bank account opening, etc. is provided by the University or it is arranged?

 Q33.What are some of the universities do you work with around the world?
 Q34.How do I transfer from one university to the other?
 Q35.Can I study at a university for one semester and transfer credit to continue in a different course at my home/ country university?


Q36.Can I study at a university for one year and transfer credit to continue in the same course at   my home/country university?

 Q37.Do you have distance learning programmes?
 Q38.Is there a Summer School programme/courses?
 Q39.Am I eligible to take part in the exchange programme as a visiting student?


Q40.Can I travel to any other country while studying as International students ? Which countries, when and for how long?