On behalf of the European Association for Science and Education (EASE), we wish to welcome you to join the International Student Care Organization (ISCO) and enjoy wonderful support from ISCO. This is a young but promising organization! It has won several honors and awards internationally and one of the best student organization in the world.

ISCO has firm links with other existing regional, national, and international associations and universities, to enable communication and collaboration to be much more encouraged. ISCO is full of friendship and support for students.

Over the years ISCO has offered educational opportunities to many thousands of young Africans and in doing so we have developed a great experience that few organizations can rival. We are very sure that we have created conducive atmosphere for learning that is academically rewarding for many young Africans.

Education is a collaborative endeavor to prepare young people better for their future and more, to make a better world. Years of existence have made ISCO a potent platform for students to achieve their dreams of pursuing higher education.

We strongly wish for the Universities we are collaborating with to be a worthy, spreading traditions,  knowledge, wisdom and at the same time be a higher education institution belonging to young people preparing them for excellent successful careers in a wide variety of professions.

At the moment, ISCO covers worldwide. Anyone interested in, research, education, science and helping young people are encouraged to join us and we welcome them all from the bottom of our hearts. There is no limit to our membership and partnership with respect to tribe, race, religion and continental region either.

Finally, we welcome you all to help widen our continental membership and partnership boundaries this year. Thank you!

ISCO Member of International Associations

International Student Care Organization (ISCO) is a full member of the following International Associations:

  • European Association for Science and Education (EASE), (2009-to-Date).
  • African Association for Science and Education (AASE), (2010-to-Date).
  • European African Association for Science and Education (EAASE), (2012-to-Date).
  • Ukrainian-African Academic Center(UAFC), (2013-Date).

ISCO Collaborates with some International Organizations and Universities

  • International Network of Studies (Science) and Education (INSE).
  • Leibniz-Institut.
  • Georgius-Agricola- Institut.
  • Volgograd State Academy of Agriculture.

ISCO Agreements with Ministries and International Organizations

  • Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine, Ukrainian State    Centre of   International Education (2005-to-Date).
  • Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Belarus (2012-to-Date).
  • DBI Project and Bildung GmbH(2012-Date).

ISCO Agreements with Some Partner Universities Worldwide

  • Dragomanov National Pedagogical University/Institute for Continuing Education, Ukraine (2012-to-Date).
  • Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University (2012-to-Date).
  • Kiev College of Communication (2012-to-Date).
  • Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University (2012-to-Date).
  • V.N.Karazin Kharkiv National University (2012-Date).
  • Gomel State Medical University(2012-Date).
  • Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University(2013-Date).
  • Lviv National Polytechnic University(2013-Date).
  • National Technical University of  Ukraine(Kiev Polytechnic Institute)(2013-Date).
  • Kiev International University(2013-Date).
  • Kharkov National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture(2013-Date).
  • National University of Food Technologies(2013-Date).
  • Pavlo Tychyna  Uman State Pedagogical University(2013-Date).
  • Lesia Ukrainka Volyn National University(2013-Date).