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Why we think this our vision will meet a felt need. (1). Students are perishing for lack of sound knowledge especially the youths. (2).Students hunger and thirst for knowledge hence their indiscriminate readings. (3). There are no Christian students and youth libraries in the Tema municipality. (4).The youth and students cannot afford to own these sound materials and thus,will appreciate and enhance this project. (5).Most churches in Ghana although have youth ministries,they have not got a focussing vision on the worth of students. (6).Many churches lack basic training that focusses on the youth and students education.(7).Ghana is on her way to experiencing greater development,mentally,spiriyually and morally this is because quality education renders student as the pillars of development of every nation.



Employee means any permanent or temporary or voluntary Worker of the ISCO.  He shall have a valid letter of appointment clearly stating the following:

  1. Salary point
  2. Salary scale
  3. Effective date
  4. Probation period
  5. Designation department assigned
  6. Department assigned
  7. Status of employment (permanent or temporary or voluntary)
  8. Grade


In future when we are on salary, we will be required to contribute 5% of your salary and this would be made up to 12½% (Twelve and a half percent) contribution by ISCO.Your contribution to the fund will be deducted at source every month and credited to your Social Security Account and this is inline with (NRCD) of 1972.  This however, will not be done until one is confirmed.


On engagement an employee shall sign a Declaration of Secrecy whereby he undertakes to observe the strictest official secrecy and will not divulge to any third parties whatsoever at anytime during his period of service information concerning the transactions of the Employer and its customers except upon the express instructions of the Employer and in the absence of proper instructions by the Employer he shall not allow any person to have access to their business and shall not furnish extracts  there from nor give any information concerning the business or affairs of the employer or of their customers to any person not lawfully entitled thereto.


You will be on No Salary for the probationary period.Staff are required to be on probation which shall normally be six months from the date of engagement.  During the probationary period, the services of the staff may be terminated for unsatisfactory conduct or performance. (Appropriate notice or payment of salary in lieu of notice shall be provided, (This is optional).


After completion of the probationary period, the appointment of the staff may be confirmed or terminated depending on satisfactory work on performance and conduct.  In case of termination of appointment, appropriate notices or payments of salary in lieu of notice shall be provided.


 The normal working hours are:

 DAYS                               HOURS
Monday – Friday:      Morning  -8.00 a.m-12.00noon

Saturday :                      Morning- 10:am-1.00pm (Special Meeting days with members and parents).

Working hours will be regulated by the Organization.  Staff shall be regular and punctual to work.  Staffs  up to the grade of Assistant Director are to sign the attendance book.  Only the Founder and Director will be exempted from signing the Attendance book.


On appointment and during the course of service every staff shall serve the employer in such capacity as he may be directed and at such places as the employer may from time to time require.

  1. Staff may request transfers and where feasible the Organization shall give prior consideration to those applicants.
  2. Staff shall devote, the whole of his time and attention to the Organization during business hours.  He/she shall not at any time whatsoever engage in any other profession or trade or business/either directly or indirectly connected with the employer’s business or that may embarrass the employer as principal agent directly or indirectly unless he/she first obtains special permission in writing from the Organization.
  3. Staff shall not borrow money from any customer of the Organization.
  4. If any staff shall become aware of any irregularity on the part of any other staff of the Organization which affects the interest of the Organization, he/she shall give immediate information to the appropriate authority.
  5. Staff shall not demand or accept any money in consideration of the service so rendered before, during or after any service.
  6. There shall be a loan scheme which permanent staff who have served probation and confirmed in appointment shall qualify subject to other conditions.



The objective for annual leave is to afford members of staff a period of mandatory rest after every twelve consecutive months’ service.  A member of staff shall qualify for leave after the first twelve consecutive months of service (i.e, not earlier than the first anniversary date).


    • Officer II and analogous grades to Board of Directors/Trustees 36 working days.
    • Other officers– 34 working days.
    • Other Staff Members -32 working days.
    • All other Workers below Staff Members-26 working days

Two days leave deductible from annual leave may be  granted to staff to attend hometown festivals.


This facility is to assist staff in special circumstances to attend to personal commitments.  Such staff must satisfy the qualifying conditions.


This facility is granted to ensure that no staff is retained on duty when his/her state of health renders him incapable to be at post.  Medical Excuse Duty Form shall be forwarded to the Human Resources Department through staff’s office.  Sick Leave shall be granted to any staff at full pay up to six (6) months in any one year and thereafter on half pay for a further period to be decided upon by the Director General/Founder.


This facility provides an expectant female member of staff time off for delivery, rest and care of child/children.  In all cases, ninety working days shall be granted.  Six weeks before confinement, six weeks after confinement.  A female staff who has not served the Trust for twelve months shall be granted maternity leave without pay.  Staff returning to duty after maternity leave will be given one (1) free hour a day for a maximum of six (6) months to nurse her baby or babies.


Casual leave is granted to afford members of staff who have exhausted their ANNUAL LEAVE time off to attend to pressing private commitments.  A maximum of ten (10) days is granted by the Human Resources Department.  Up to five (5) days is granted by staff’s Director.


The Organization financially assists its staff who wish to pursue courses which are relevant to the operations of ISCO and satisfy the qualifying conditions pertaining to the facility.


You will be entitled to No Medical care during the period of our contract.  This facility however, does cover your dependant s as well.Staff shall be assessed on performance on the job and potential for development in line with the provisions of the Assessment Manual.


Members of staff are entitled to free medical attention. We will provide free medical care for staff only when one gets sick or sustained injured when performing a task for (ISCO).This includes the cost of medical and minor surgical examination and treatment, the cost of drugs and hospital fees.  Spouse, children and a ward (family) will be eligible for the Organization’s medical scheme.  Medical Bills in respect  shall not exceed the prescribed rates.  Staff will be sur-charged with excesses.   This does not cover family and children.


Where a staff suffers injuries arising out of and in to the course of his employment, the provision of the Workmen’s Compensation Law (1987) shall be applied.


The Organization shall grant Executives of the identifiable bodies permission to engage in student Union/Association activity and shall also allow staff time off for voting.  No activity shall be undertaken without prior approval from the Organization.


The Organization shall permit its staff time off for jury duties.


Staff shall disengage under the under-listed contingencies.

    • Compulsory retirement on attainment of age is sixty (60) ,fifty-five from Directorship.
    • Voluntary retirement on attainment of age fifty-five (55) from all ranks.
    • Resignation
    • Termination of appointment
    • Summary Dismissal
    • Death
    • Vacation of Post


This award shall be presented to disengaging staff in accordance with the Organization’s Conditions of Service.


Staff shall air their grievances in line with the grievance procedure outlined in the ISCO Manual.



The objective for administration of discipline is to  ensure that staff conform to laid down Rules and  regulations.  Staff who are in breach of rules and regulations shall be disciplined.


      1. Major offences (Group 1)- punishable by Summary Dismissal.
      2. Major offences (Group II) – punishable by Termination of appointment.
      3. Minor offences – punishable by verbal /written warning.


The following offences shall constitute major offences (Group 1) and shall be punishable by Summary Dismissal.

  • Willful or Malicious destruction of Organization Property or employee’s property on the Organization’s premises.
  • Stealing
  • Embezzlement of Organization funds.
  • Conviction by a competent court or Jurisdiction for criminal offences.
  • Collusion with an employee to cheat or defraud the Organization.
  • Breach of Oath of  Secrecy in an area the Organization determines to be highly sensitive.
  • Fraud,Bribery/Corruption.
  • Dishonesty
  • Serious act of omission or commission leading to great Financial loss to the Organization.
  • Any act which seriously tarnishes the hard won image of the Organization.
  • Disrespect towards superior officers or staff members.
  • Falsification/Alteration of important Records.


The following offences shall constitute Major Offence (Group II) and shall be punishable by Termination of Appointment.

These include:

1.    Physical assault/battery/false imprisonment on ISCO ’s premises.

2.    Gambling on Organization’s  premises or any act of speculative venture.

3.    Malicious spreading of false information/rumour.

4.    Negligence of duty.

5.    Inefficiency

6.    Immoral conduct and indecency on  Organization’s premises.

7.    Vacation of post

8.    Insubordination

9.    Drunkenness on duty(to be establish either through a medical report or certificate or the presence of two persons,depending on degree)

10.  Disrespect towards superior officer.

11.  Disrespect towards external public of the Organization.

12.  Habitual lateness to work.

13.  Willful refusal to obey legitimate instructions.

14.  Willful refusal to go on transfer.

15.  Any act which may bring the image of the Organization into disrepute.

16.  Giving false testimony during investigation.




1.   Read notices daily.  Do not mark, scratch or in any deface notices.

2.   Do not loiter/idle during official hours

3.   Be willing to work hard.  Do an honest day’s work.  Provide quality work.

4.   Follow procedures

5 .   Give enough notice when applying for facilities to  avoid undue pressure on the responsible  department.

6 .   Private calls are not encouraged.

7.   Do not gossip. Seek information appropriately and be well informed.

8.   Do not leave files on your table unturned after close of work.

9.  Do not read letters/memos not meant for your attention.

10.  Do not start any leave/absence without approval.

11.  Dress decently to work.

12.  Desist from drunkenness and smoking during working hours.

13.  Keep your office tidy and do not litter.

14.  Do not leave the office premises without permission from the appropriate authority.Remember to have your membership Identity Card on you.

15.   Observe protocol at both official and public functions and behave in a decorous manner.

16.    Use established channels of communication on all Matters.

17.    Do not receive visitors during working hours.  Attend to them during break time.

18.    Transact business with your bankers during break time.

19.    Wait patiently for your turn at the hospital/Clinic not.

20.   Only staff and accredited persons are entitled to the use of  transport facilities to and from work.

21.   Do not engage the attention of drivers of ISCO whilst the vehicle is in motion.



1. Handle Students  of ISCO with respect and exceed their expectations.

2. Remember the customer is always right.

3. Be polite to students.

4. Offer help and assistance to students.

5.  Respect each other, practice courtesy and be polite.

6.  Continuously learn about ISCO and be well informed,stay abreast always.

7.  Handle ISCO  property with due diligence and care.

8.  Tamper your requests with reason.

9.  Be loyal and trust  worthy always.

10. Be one another’s keeper.