1. Students are a gift of responsibility.
  2. Students should grow and develop physically, mentally, morally and spiritually.
  3. Students need support, freedom, productive ideas and understanding to win their future and the future of mankind.
  4. Caring for students worldwide, builds a better nation today, tomorrow and forever.
  5. If you care for a student, you care for an entire nation.
  6. For peace to prevail among students, let no one seek his own good but the good of others.
  7. The best security a student can possess in this world is the fear of God (wisdom) and knowledge.Gl31
  8. If one is educated and one’s education cannot help someone, then one is uneducated.
  9. Researching much, learning much, resting much, playing much and praying much are the five pillars of success for students.

  10. The successes that greet students in the midst of teething challenges are simply unimaginable blessing.